Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Poor Communication within a Business Research Paper

Poor Communication within a Business - Research Paper Example Effects of poor communication to a business Ideally, for any business organization to succeed proper and effective communication becomes the backbone of this achievement. The effects of poor communication stream down from the organization’s top management organs to the least level of employees. The miscommunication may overflow to consumers in that the sales team may give minimized attention to the needs of their consumers hence delivering poor service to them. Essentially, the low morale of employees, in house miscommunication, non-content customers, and poor output or performance by staff becomes the product of poor communication. I. Low morale and motivation of employees Negative morale mothers animosity and harshness among staff members if their working environment is not fulfilling. In essence, the improper articulation of organizations goals and objectives to employees by the management translates to decreased morale. Sequentially, the general output by the employee’s decreases because of this inappropriate impact. Additionally, when team members do not have access to adequate information needed in the delegation of their tasks they lack motivation as they feel the need to work extra in order to fulfill their duties (Frater, 2003). Eventually, the working environment created is one characterized by bitter moods that end up spilling to the customer. In this regard, the top management needs to establish proper communication channels between them and their team players to ensure that their customers benefit from their services. A negative cycle may develop in the business, which may attract low sales and dismal performance by the business. Th e personnel become weak in the execution of tasks and implementation of the organization goals. Mainly, the whole idea of going in to a business undertaking is making a profit. Therefore, it will prove unworthy to continue venturing in a nonprofit able venture because of reasons that are preventable. In a counter approach, a business needs to ensure that the morale levels of its staff members are intact for the continued growth of a business. II. In house miscommunication and misinterpretation Subsequently, poor communication within a business setting has the ripple effect of compromising the in house

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